What is ONE DAY?


About Us

We are convinced that together, we can change systems and create a better world, a world that we are proud of!
How do we create a world that we are proud of?

We use systems thinking as basis to change systems and shape the world by bringing every stakeholder onto a table: Experts, Changemakers, Academics, Researchers, NGOs and Companies.

We are focusing on three sustainable development goals, namely Gender Equality, Responsible Digitalisation, and Waste and Food Waste. All our topics are interconnected and tied to our goal of changing systems. ONE DAY consists of different arms leading us to our vision of a better world.

What are systems thinking and systems change?

What is the ONE DAY Universe?



ONE DAY – Verein für Jugendengagement und Unterstützung für soziale Unternehmen
ONE DAY is a non-profit organisation based in Vienna, Austria
ZVR-Zahl: 1993007161


Partnerships: partnerships@oneday.at

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