What is ONE DAY?


The ONE DAY Universe

1. ONE DAY: The Conference

Our annual main event ONE DAY: The Conference was first introduced in 2017, and has since then been growing into a space for changemakers worldwide. It’s an annual conference on system change, focusing on waste, gender equality and responsible digitalisation. We tackle the multiple topics through

(1) Systems Thinking, to really understand the problem, through (2) Social Innovation, to find ideas on how to solve the challenges and problems differently, and through (3) Social Entrepreneurship, to take action and implement them after ONE DAY: The Conference.
At ONE DAY: The Conference we do this through panel discussions with academics, researchers and experts and with an interactive workshop, the ONE DAY Lab.
How does the ONE DAY Lab look like?
First, we hold interviews with experts in the fields of our three topics (Gender Equality, Digitalisation, Waste and Food Waste). In those interviews, we ask them about the main challenges they see in their field of expertise, and we discuss the root causes of these problems and consequences they have on the society and environment. We also analyse the most current research on these topics and use this and the interviews to create so-called Issue Trees for various challenges.
The attendees will then go through an ideation process and come up with solutions for those problems together with experts during our interactive workshop, the ONE DAY Lab. In this workshop, the ideas for solving these challenges will be feedbacked and developed further - with the goal to implement them in real life as we pass the developed output on to the existing social entrepreneurship network.
2. ONE DAY: The Community Platform
Recently, we launched our own Community platform, a digital space for every stakeholder to discuss social and environmental challenges, as well as to co-create solutions together during a 365-days in a year conversation.
Currently, you can join 70+ changemakers: students, experts, academics, NGOs on the Community Platform.
3. ONE DAY: The Resource Library
The Resource Library is the place where we bring together all the information and sources to gain knowledge about the topics we tackle: Waste and Food Waste, Gender Equality, Responsible Digitalisation, Systems Thinking, Social Innovation, Social Entrepreneurship.
It is the perfect starting point for beginners in these areas all the way up to the perfect place to gain the cherry-on-top-knowledge if you already are an expert. And for everyone in between. It is the place to learn, grow and save huge amounts of time researching as you have all the best resources in these areas in one place. The access to the Resource Library is part of the Community Platform membership.
Additionally, we host ONE DAY: The Meetup twice a year, which is a panel discussion about one specific topic and question related to one of our three topics. Past Meetups included: The post-truth world and Social Media The Dark Future of AI, Medicine and Media Data Protection in the Information Age Fast Fashion: Beyond the surface
5. ONE DAY: The Art Exhibition
The Art Exhibition is the place where systems change and art collide. At ONE DAY: The Art Exhibition we provide space for artists to show their work thematising social and environmental issues. We organised the first exhibition in 2021 with the theme “Have you seen the future?”, and the next exhibition will take place offline in Vienna, Austria in 2022.